UBA Kenya Celebrates Milestone with Appointment of Ms. Mary Mulili

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The appointment of Ms. Mary Mulili as the Managing Director and CEO of UBA Kenya is a momentous occasion, signifying a notable achievement for the bank amidst its 15-year commemoration of business operations in the Kenyan financial arena.

Ms. Mulili’s appointment as the first female leader in UBA Kenya’s 15-year history marks a historic milestone for the bank’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity.

Feel free to contact UBA Kenya through the provided contacts on their website or visit a nearby branch for assistance. 

Mary Mulili’s appointment as the new Managing Director and CEO of UBA Kenya, effective January 19, marks a historic moment for the bank’s 15-year celebration in Kenya.

The announcement, made on Tuesday, notes that the appointment is subject to regulatory approval.

UBA Kenya’s appointment of Mary Mulili as its new Managing Director and CEO underscores the bank’s commitment to advancing gender diversity and inclusivity within its leadership. 

In addition, Kenya plays a pivotal role in the African financial and economic ecosystem, with strategic initiatives focusing on regional trade, digital innovation, and SME financing aligning with the broader vision of sustainable banking.

UBA Kenya plays a pivotal role in advancing Kenya’s economic agenda, fostering entrepreneurial growth, and making a positive impact on the community.

The UBA Foundation’s initiatives exert a positive influence on local communities, promoting social and economic development through impactful programs.

Mr. Alphan Njeru, uba kenya Board Chairman, thanked outgoing CEO Chike Isiuwe and wished him well in his new role within UBA Group. He highlighted Ms.

Mary Mulili’s strategic leadership in driving the bank’s growth through regional trade, digital innovation, and SME financing.

Additionally, Ms. Mulili aims to boost UBA Kenya’s growth via regional trade, digital innovation, and SME financing. For international transactions, ensure a seamless transfer by obtaining the uba kenya swift code.


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Consequently, Ms. Mulili’s vision for uba kenya bank ltd encompasses leveraging the extensive network of the UBA Group to provide tailored financial solutions, positioning the bank as a growth-oriented financial partner in collaboration with stakeholders. 

Furthermore, by placing a strong emphasis on sustainable banking practices, Ms. Mulili aims to foster a positive societal impact, aligning closely with broader environmental and social responsibilities. 

UBA Kenya significantly influences the Kenyan economy by employing strategic leadership, fostering gender diversity, and embracing a vision that aligns with sustainable banking practices.

You can also experience seamless and convenient financial transactions with UBA Kenya Mobile Banking, offering innovative solutions at your fingertips.

The UBA Group’s extensive presence in 20 African countries and globally carries economic significance, promoting regional trade and sustainable banking.

This presence fosters opportunities for digital innovation and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

UBA Kenya’s strategic significance in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Mombasa is evident through its ambitious growth strategy of establishing uba kenya branches in key towns.

This emphasizes its dedication to innovative payment solutions, cashless payment adoption, and financial inclusion in these regions.

In summary, Ms. Mary Mulili’s visionary leadership is historic as she assumes the role of UBA Kenya’s first female Managing Director and CEO during the bank’s 15th-anniversary celebration.

Stay tuned for the latest financial solutions and updates under her guidance.

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