Twiga Foods Joins ‘Hidden Champions’ Initiative To Promote African Companies

Kenyan e-commerce and food distribution platform Twiga Foods is the new member of the African Hidden Champions (AHC), an initiative that promotes dynamic African companies.

Twiga was announced as a new entrant in the cohort during AHC’s first regional event held in Nairobi.

The technology-driven company, headquartered in Nairobi, has been at the forefront of connecting consumers, vendors and suppliers in providing access to high-quality foods, products and retail services in Africa.

During the event, AHC’s Co–Founder and Africa Foresight Group CEO Yasmin Kumi said it was key to kick start their engagements with African businesses in Kenya to emphasize their commitment to growing businesses in the region.

“We are excited to kick off our regional engagements in Nairobi. Having selected some of our Hidden Champions from Kenya, it was only fitting for us to begin our 2023 engagements here,” said CEO Yassin Kumi. 

“With these engagements, our intention is to exchange ideas and network with key stakeholders as we explore ways in which we can contribute to the growth of African businesses. We believe that by creating an atmosphere where different business leaders meet, we will be able to create lasting solutions and partnerships.”

So far AHC has selected more than 20 high-performing ‘Hidden Champions’ across Africa operating in various sectors, from services, manufacturing, energy and retail, to pharmaceuticals, automobiles and education.

Founded in 2020, AHC seeks to raise awareness, through various media, case studies, regional events and its annual summits of the unique role that AHC companies have played in their home markets and how they are building the muscle for success across the continent and beyond. 

AHC says they aim to hold regional events in other key African cities as it continues selecting and sharing new ‘Hidden Champions’. 

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