Sidian Bank’s Evolution: A Shift to MKU Towers in Nairobi CBD

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Sidian Bank has relocated to MKU Towers along Moi Avenue as part of its expansion strategy, aiming to enhance customer accessibility.

 This move aligns with the bank’s commitment to bringing services closer to customers, evidenced by recent branch openings. 

The relocation is anticipated to align with the bank’s larger objective of expanding operations and enhancing customer accessibility. 

Furthermore, customers can conveniently access essential banking services directly from their mobile phones using the sidian bank ussd code; *527#.

Sidian Bank officially moved from the Guilders Building to MKU Towers on January 29, 2024, as a strategic expansion initiative to improve customer accessibility and expand its operations. 

As part of its expansion strategy, Sidian Bank focuses on catering to the micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) sector, recognizing its pivotal role in Kenya’s economic growth. 

By providing tailored financial solutions, the bank aims to support the development of small businesses and contribute to the overall economic advancement of the country.

Sidian Bank’s focus on the SME market underscores its commitment to driving economic growth, job creation, and fostering entrepreneurship in Kenya. 

This strategic approach aligns with Sidian Bank’s commitment to delivering transformative financial solutions and empowering customers to “Own Tomorrow.”

Chege Thumbi, the CEO of Sidian Bank, highlighted that the relocation signifies the bank’s dedication to improving customer experience and accessibility. 

To make transactions hassle-free, customers can utilize the sidian bank paybill service by simply using the designated number; 111999. 

He emphasized that the move is intended to bring the bank’s services in proximity to customers, reducing travel time and expenses, and enabling them to concentrate on their businesses.

The move aims to improve customer service by providing a comprehensive banking experience, including trade finance, lending, and advanced digital banking services.


Sidian Bank’s Strategic Move: Relocating to MKU Towers in Nairobi CBD

For quick and on-the-go banking, the sidian bank mobile banking platform provides a user-friendly experience, allowing customers to manage their finances seamlessly. 

The relocation is part of the bank’s strategy to offer diverse services and enhance its commitment to unparalleled banking experiences.

To streamline banking operations, customers can use the sidian bank branch codes, and for international transactions, the sidian bank swift code(SIDNKENA) ensures secure and efficient cross-border transactions.

Sidian Bank aspires to be the preferred collaborator in unlocking entrepreneurial potential, showcasing its dedication to empowering entrepreneurs with transformative financial solutions.

The bank acknowledges the substantial responsibility and inherent risks undertaken by entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas and dreams to fruition.

The bank collaborated with the African Guarantee Fund and obtained a KES 1.1 billion long-term facility from Impact Investment EMF in Switzerland to strengthen its micro and SME lending.

Sidian Bank supports entrepreneurs and SMEs with initiatives like the Challenge Fund for Small Scale Water Service Providers and a Ksh 2 Billion Pacesetting Lending Deal for the private healthcare sector.

The bank has continuously invested in digital solutions, offering customers a convenient and secure banking experience.

Sidian Bank offers a comprehensive range of services for its customers in Kenya, ensuring easy accessibility and convenience. 

Additionally, the sidian bank head office also functions as a central hub for addressing various needs, including loan services.

With a commitment to technological advancements and customer-centric services, sidian bank continues to be a trusted financial partner in Kenya.

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