Safaricom Increases 5G Coverage to 21 Counties

Safaricom Plc has announced the expansion of its 5G coverage to 28 towns in 21 counties in Kenya. This development enables its customers in these areas to access superfast internet connectivity for their homes and businesses while on the move. Additionally, Safaricom has introduced 5G data bundles that allow over 400,000 customers using 5G-enabled smartphones to browse the internet at typical speeds of 400Mbps to 700Mbps.

The CEO of Safaricom, Peter Ndegwa, expressed excitement about the possibilities of a 5G future. He stated that it would make it possible to close the digital divide in underserved communities, provide access to critical services such as healthcare, and facilitate economic growth by connecting small businesses to new opportunities.

Safaricom launched its 5G service in October 2022, becoming the first provider to do so in Kenya. Since then, its coverage has grown from 11 towns to 28 towns spread across 21 counties.

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