How you can turn Airtel Money Withdrawal Fees into Airtime

Airtel Money Gives Kenyans a Festive Gift: Turn Withdrawal Fees into Airtime!

 Christmas just got a little brighter, thanks to Airtel! Their mobile money platform, Airtel Money, is launching a festive campaign called “Rudishiwa Transaction Fee,” offering customers a unique way to turn their withdrawal fees into free airtime. This innovative move is sure to boost transactions and put smiles on faces this holiday season.

“Airtel Money customers who withdraw as little as Sh50 from any Airtel Money agent will be refunded their withdrawal transaction fees. The refund applies to any withdrawal charge up to the maximum daily limit of Sh250,000 per day,” said the telco in a statement

How it works:

  • Withdraw any amount (as low as KSh 50) from an Airtel Money agent.
  • Get your withdrawal fee back as airtime, up to KSh 25 per day.
  • Use the free airtime for calls, data bundles, or SMS.

This means you can:

  • Pay your bills and send money without feeling the pinch of withdrawal charges.
  • Stay connected with loved ones and enjoy the festive spirit with extra airtime.
  • Experience the convenience of Airtel Money while saving some cash.

Airtel’s managing director, Ashish Malhotra, sees this as a commitment to their customers said;

“The new ‘Rudishiwa Transaction Fee’ campaign cements our commitment to designing products and solutions that serve the multiple payment needs of our users. We believe it will cater to Kenyans who rely on cash for daily transactions, helping them stay connected while saving money.”

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The festive season is also heating up with competition. Safaricom’s “Sambaza Furaha” campaign lets customers use Bonga points to clear Fuliza loans and buy locally-made smartphones.

Airtel’s “Rudishiwa Transaction Fee” stands out by Offering immediate benefit on every transaction, requiring no loyalty points or additional steps and appealing to all Airtel Money users, regardless of spending habits.

With its simplicity and direct benefit, “Rudishiwa Transaction Fee” is poised to be a hit this Christmas. Whether it can outshine Safaricom’s point-based offer remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: Airtel Money is making their platform the merrier choice this festive season.

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