How Exness Revolutionizes Withdrawals for Kenyan Traders

Traders often face challenges when accessing their own funds, a common pain point that can strain the relationship between traders and brokers. To address this issue, multi-asset broker Exness has introduced an innovative solution that eliminates tedious processes, increases procedural efficiency, and reduces wait times for withdrawal requests.

Harnessing Technology for Frictionless Withdrawals

Leveraging its advanced technological capabilities, Exness has automated its backend operations, replacing manual processing with sophisticated round-the-clock checks on trading activity to identify suspicious or fraudulent actions. This automation enables the broker to promptly process legitimate withdrawal requests, including those in KES.

Simplifying Payments with MPESA Integration

Recognizing the popularity of mobile money payments in Kenya, Exness has integrated MPESA into its platform, allowing traders to seamlessly transact without relying on unfamiliar platforms or unproven payment solutions.

Prioritizing Fund Accessibility and Safety

Exness prioritizes both fund accessibility and safety, storing client funds in segregated accounts across Tier 1 global banks and adhering to regulatory compliance monitored by regional authorities. In Kenya, Exness is licensed by the Capital Market Authority.

Enhancing the Trading Experience

Exness’ commitment to a frictionless trading experience extends beyond withdrawals, encompassing a range of products and features designed to improve trading conditions and mitigate the impact of market volatility.

Tight Spreads and Instant Execution

To address spread instability and slippage during high-volatility events, Exness’ trading engine employs sophisticated algorithms that monitor data feeds from multiple market sources, ensuring clients receive favorable conditions in every position. Additionally, the broker’s algorithms dynamically determine the need for extra liquidity to meet increased demand, maintaining tight spreads even for large positions.

Stop-Out Protection

To minimize the risk of stop-outs caused by temporary price spikes, Exness has developed Stop-Out Protection, which calculates stop-outs based on mid-price instead of the bid or offer, safeguarding traders against unwanted liquidations.

Ethical Business Practices

Exness’ dedication to a frictionless trading experience is deeply rooted in its operations. Creating a fair trading environment where clients can trade safely is one of the broker’s founding principles and underpins its continuous success.

Exness’ commitment to transparency, integrity, and robust business ethics has propelled it to become the world’s largest multi-asset broker, with over $4 trillion in monthly trading volume and over 600,000 active clients.

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