Ujani Lights the Way in Financial Literacy

Ujani, a diversified financial services platform dedicated to empowering individuals and institutions with comprehensive financial literacy and investment tools.

Tailored Learning for Every Stage:

  • Personal Financial Education: Build a solid foundation with Ujani’s user-friendly platform, offering practical advice on budgeting, saving, investing, and retirement planning.
  • Ujani Masterplan Portal: Dive deeper into advanced financial and investment opportunities, including estate planning, smart debt management, and passive income generation strategies.
  • Tailored Corporate Wellness Programs: Foster financial well-being in your workforce through Ujani’s bespoke programs, boosting employee morale and productivity.

Connect, Support, and Thrive:

  • Exclusive Ujani Communities: Find a supportive network of like-minded individuals embarking on their financial journeys, sharing tips and experiences.
  • Ujani Personalized Financial Advisory: Seek expert guidance from experienced advisors who craft customized financial plans and offer one-on-one consultations.

Empowering Kenya, One Decision at a Time:

Ujani targets a diverse audience, from retail clients and listed companies to family businesses, religious institutions, and Kenyans in the diaspora. Recognizing the critical need for financial literacy in Kenya, Ujani aims to bridge the gap between financial inclusion (83% access to services) and financial empowerment (only 28% of Kenyans).

Addressing the Challenge at its Root:

According to the Global Financial Literacy Survey, 62% of Kenyans lack basic financial knowledge. Ujani’s CEO, Donald Kimathi, emphasizes education as the key to unlocking prosperity: “The Ujani platform provides accessible, user-friendly content tailored to each individual’s needs, empowering them to make informed decisions that lead to a brighter financial future.”

Beyond Financial Literacy, Towards Inclusivity:

Ujani’s Chief Financial Officer, Njeri Ndirangu, highlights the platform’s broader impact: “By equipping Kenyans with financial literacy, we aim to improve their lives and contribute to greater financial inclusivity in Kenya.

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