Family Bank Launches Queen Banking to Empower Kenyan Women with KSH 50 Billion

Family Bank has unveiled an exclusive women banking proposition dubbed ‘Queen Banking’, setting aside a remarkable KES 50 billion specifically for women’s financial empowerment. This groundbreaking initiative aims to support women entrepreneurs, professionals, and groups seeking financial growth across Kenya.

“Family Bank is committed to empowering women in the world of finance,” the bank proudly states on its website. “We understand the unique challenges faced by women, and we are dedicated to providing the support needed for them to thrive.”

Women play a pivotal role in Kenya’s economy, constituting 49.7% of the total labor force and 50.3% of the population. Additionally, women own an impressive 40% of micro and formal SMEs in the country.

Unlocking Financial Opportunities for Kenyan Women

To seamlessly access Queen Banking products, Kenyan women can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open an Account with Family Bank: Existing Family Bank customers have a smoother onboarding process compared to non-customers.

  2. Complete the Online Form: Visit to fill out the online form. The process takes approximately 20 seconds.

Queen Banking Product Highlights:

  • Access up to KES 7 million in secured and unsecured loans through Biashara Boost

  • Unsecured lending of up to KES 2.5 million for women in the piped water business, supporting community development

  • Unsecured lending of up to KES 10 million for working capital and school construction, with up to 95% financing for school bus acquisitions

  • Unsecured loans of up to KES 2 million for agri-business input loans

  • Trade finance solutions

  • Lifestyle benefits through strategic partnerships

  • Chama savings and investment options

  • Bundled insurance solutions

Family Bank’s unwavering commitment to empowering Kenyan women through Queen Banking is a testament to the bank’s dedication to fostering financial inclusion and economic growth for all.

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