Ethiopian Payment Gateway Chapa Partners with Safaricom to Integrate M-Pesa as a Seamless Payment Option

Chapa, a pioneering Ethiopian payment gateway founded in 2020, has forged a strategic partnership with Safaricom Ethiopia to seamlessly integrate M-Pesa as a payment option at the Chapa checkout. Headquartered in Addis Ababa, Chapa is dedicated to empowering Ethiopian businesses to embrace the digital payments revolution. By April 2023, Chapa had processed over 1 billion ETB (Ethiopian Birr) transactions since the start of the year, marking an impressive 500% increase over the previous year’s transaction volumes.

In a landmark move earlier this year, Safaricom secured the license to introduce M-Pesa, its renowned mobile money platform, in Ethiopia. With over 1.2 million M-Pesa users in the country and a rapidly growing subscriber base, this partnership holds immense potential to reshape the Ethiopian digital payments landscape.

Unveiling the Partnership Benefits

This strategic alliance streamlines the payment process for over 1.2 million M-Pesa users in Ethiopia, enabling them to effortlessly make payments on the Chapa platform using their existing M-Pesa accounts. This expanded payment method offers users greater flexibility in purchasing goods and services, ensuring a seamless and convenient transaction experience.

Both Chapa and M-Pesa stand to benefit from this partnership. The anticipated surge in transaction volumes translates to increased revenue for both entities. Users may find M-Pesa a preferred payment option at checkout, especially if the process proves smoother compared to other payment methods like bank cards.

Ensuring a Seamless Payment Process

In a statement, Chapa reassured M-Pesa users, stating, “As a valued customer, there is no need for any additional steps to enable your M-PESA account; it will automatically appear as ‘M-PESA’ on the checkout page. If not, you can enable the option from your Chapa dashboard.”

Chapa’s Diverse Payment Options

Chapa embraces a diverse range of payment methods to cater to the evolving preferences of its users. In addition to M-Pesa, Chapa accepts credit and debit cards from Bank of Abyssinia, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Diner Club, American Express, JCB, and more. Additionally, Chapa supports digital wallets like Telebirr, CBE Birr, Coop-Ebirr, Wegagen HelloCash, and Enat Bank Wallet.

This comprehensive suite of payment options underscores Chapa’s commitment to providing users with a convenient and secure payment experience, further propelling the adoption of digital payments in Ethiopia.

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