Carrefour Kenya slapped with Sh 1.1 billion Fine for Supplier Abuse by CAK

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has slapped Carrefour Kenya, operating under the Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Ltd. brand, with a hefty $7.2 million (Sh1.1 billion) fine for abusing its buyer power over two local suppliers. This move sends a strong message to businesses across the country, highlighting the importance of fair competition and safeguarding smaller players.

Carrefour Found Guilty of Exploiting Suppliers, an in-depth investigation by CAK revealed that Carrefour leveraged its dominant position to exploit two Kenyan businesses: Pwani Oil Products Limited (FMCG products) and Woodlands Company Limited (refined natural bee honey). These unfair practices included:

  • Demanding excessive Listing Fees: Carrefour forced suppliers to pay non-negotiable listing fees, essentially buying priority shelf space and squeezing profit margins.
  • Collecting Unjustified Rebates: The supermarket chain imposed mandatory rebates on suppliers, essentially recouping a portion of their sales revenue, regardless of product performance.
  • Unilateral Delisting: At their discretion, Carrefour could delist suppliers from their shelves, jeopardizing their market reach and forcing compliance with unfair demands.

“The Authority has pursuant to investigations penalized Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Limited, which trades in Kenya under the brand name Carrefour, a total of Ksh. 1,108,327,873.60 for separately abusing its superior bargaining position over two of its suppliers – Pwani Oil Products Limited and Woodlands Company Limited,” CAK said in a statement.

 Recognizing the detrimental impact of Carrefour’s actions, CAK imposed a significant fine and mandated corrective measures:

  • Record-Breaking Penalty: The $7.2 million fine serves as a powerful deterrent, sending a clear message of zero tolerance for buyer power abuse.
  • Contract Review and Revision: Carrefour must review and amend all supplier contracts, removing clauses that enable unfair practices and promoting balanced power dynamics.

Promoting Fair Competition and Empowering Suppliers: CAK’s intervention paves the way for a more equitable business environment in Kenya. By safeguarding smaller suppliers from the harmful tactics of powerful buyers, CAK fosters fair competition and encourages sustainable growth for all players in the market.

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